How to clean a BOB stroller

how to clean bob stroller

How should you clean your BOB stroller? Are there any special instructions? The BOB strollers are made for all terrains. Even though BOB come in variety, the instructions for cleaning the strollers are pretty the same.

The BOB strollers are stain- resistant. Therefore, you need not worry about your baby spilling juices and ice creams all over. Cleaning your stroller is easier than you think. Even though, you must be cautious when cleaning the fabric or any other parts.

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Let us see how you can deep clean your stroller step by step:

  1. The fabric

The BOB stroller fabric parts are all washable. Here is how to deep clean the fabric:

  1. Remove any solid dirt first
  2. Wet a sponge and add some mild soap unto it
  3. Scrub any solid dirty parts until clean
  4. Rinse the sponge in clean water and rinse off any remaining dirt
  5. Let the fabric dry in the free air


  1. Do not use hot water. It will scrub off the stain resistant coating
  2. Do not wash the fabric in a washing machine. You will destroy the stain-resistant coating
  3. Do not use detergents when cleaning the fabric, use a mild soap as detergents can wash off the fabric colors
  4. Do not scrub the material so hard. You are likely to damage it
  5. Do not place the fabric in the dryer. The fabric is likely to wear off due to the heat
  6. Avoid placing the fabric under direct sunlight. Sun rays will discolor the fabric. Just air dry the fabric for some time.
  1. The frame

Cleaning the frame is also as easy as cleaning the fabric. Here is what to do:

  1. Inspect the frame, joints, and brake for any breakage
  2. Check for solid debris at the joints to ensure that the stroller moves freely
  3. Add some mild soap into the water
  4. Using a damp cloth soaked in the soap, wipe the frame clean
  5. Dry the frame using a clean, using a dry clean cloth
  6. Ensure that all parents are dry to avoid rusting.
  1. The plastic and metal parts

The plastic and metal parts of your BOB stroller are washable as well. Follow the following steps when cleaning the plastic and metal parts of your stroller:

  1. Using a brush, brush off any dry solid debris from the accessories, handles, and wheels
  2. Using a damp cloth soaked in mild soapy water, wipe down the areas that have visible dirt.
  3. You may opt to use a hosepipe to spray off dirt from the wheels of the stroller, but be careful all the same put dirt to the already cleaned part of the stroller.
  4. Wash the snack holder with anti-antiseptic solution

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Adhere to the following precautions when cleaning the plastic and metal parts of your stroller:

  1. Do not use corrosive solutions to clean the stroller plastic parts
  2. Do not get soapy water into the metal bolts and screws on the frame. Dry the area immediately in case it happens

Bob Stroller Continuous maintenance

You should form a habit of inspecting your stroller each time you are cleaning it. Here are a few things that you should always check on:

  1. Tyre pressure

The BOB stroller’s tyres are air-filled just like those of the bicycle. In case of a flat tyre, pump in the air as instructed in the user manual.

You can use a regular bicycle pump since the BOB strollers do not come with their pumps. However, you can purchase a pump from BOB stores if you so wish. You can also buy handlebar console for greater aid.

  • If you happen to leak the tyre or tube, you will need to have it patched or simply get a replacement.
  1. Screws and fasteners

It is important to verify that all screws and fasteners are in place. Check all wheels and make sure they are clamped up well. Be particular about the front wheel which can be easily loosened as you ride through all types of terrain.

  • It is recommendable that you once in a while taking your stroller to BOB dealers for inspection.
  • Your user manual gives details of how you can contact a dealer near you.

Stroller storage

You need to store your stroller properly each day after use to lengthen its durability. After cleaning and air drying the stroller make sure that the stroller is completely dry before folding it back. Storing the stroller while it is damp will cause rusting.

To prevent damage to the stroller plastic parts, avoid storing it to where there is a lot of heat. Additionally, you may opt to cover the stroller completely from the heat, water, and dust.


Remember, if you regularly clean and maintain your strollers as instructed above, you will have value for your money. A poorly maintained stroller will not give you the service you might be looking for irrespective of the brand.


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